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Aluminum is essential for railway transport and is widely used by leading companies in the industry such as Siemens, Alstom, and Bombardier for car body manufacturing.

Advantages of aluminum:

  • Corrosion resistance. Greater operating life circle and, as a result, augmentation of passenger traffic;
  • Frameworks with higher impact resistance and lesser weight. Hence lower maintenance costs (power consumption, traction substations with less energy required for functioning, railroad track damage reduction, higher passenger capacity);
  • «Lighter» version of aluminum recycling process and high return on framework value as appealing features for leasing and concession companies working in a closed life cycle.

Technological chains in Krasnoyarsk make engineering, prototyping and manufacturing aluminum components at this stage possible. A good example of such cooperation is the chain KrAZ – KraMZ – Krasnoyarsk Machine-building Components – business incubators.

One of the most successful appliances of aluminium to railway transport by KMC is the interior of high-speed tram 71-931 «Vityaz» project for Saint Petersburg and 71-931M «Vityaz-M» for the customer PK Transport Systems. The project is partnered by Transmashholding, one of the largest world manufacturers of railway rolling stock, and UC RUSAL, one of the greatest aluminium producers in the world.

For the first time in Russia the tram's interior is performed as an independent system made of aluminium profiles and sheets in collaboration with KraMZ, Krasnoyarsk Metallurgical Plant.

Aluminum application is mostly triggered by increasing level of aluminum consumption in machine-building industry. This level grows due to high residual value of the aluminum components, wide spectrum of recycling means, eco-friendliness, safety, aesthetics and great potential in production of modern and convenient cars for public transport.


  • KMC — 17 years of successful development, engineering and manufacturing of systems and components based on aluminium and composite material usage

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