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28 Sep, 2016

Modern Trams 71-911Е with KMC Interiors Conquer Rostov-on-Don

On September 17 low-floor trams 71-911E made their official debut on the streets of Rostov-on-Don. These two trams are a part of a big parcel of 16 trams, which is to be presented before the end of 2016. The trams’ interior is the result of a tight collaboration between PK Transporting Systems and Krasnoyarsk Machine-building Components with the assembling help of Tverskoy Vagonostroitelniy Zavod (TVZ).

71-911E is the first tram in the world to be one-sectional and have a 100% low-floor, running on a European track gauge of 1435 mm. Its cars are equipped with convenient handrails for passengers to feel safer during vehicle moving, newly constructed door and air conditioning systems. Compared to other equivalent tram models, 71-911E interior is made of aluminum and is more ecologically friendly. Such an implementation of the interior helped to decrease significantly fire load on the car in general.

Since February 2016 there has been an experimental tram of the same model out in the streets, which was positively reviewed by the citizens. Currently, this tram is undergoing a modernization process and will come back this year among 14 remaining trams.

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