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25 May, 2016

Tram “Varyag” Arrives at St. Petersburg

On May 25, 2016 at the innovative forum SmartTransport in St. Petersburg a new tram «Varyag» was presented. «Varyag» resembles its predecessor «Vityaz» which has already attracted enough attention. The major difference between them is that the former one is a quarter shorter than the latter one. Therefore, it has less axles, namely, four instead of six. «Varyag» can hold up to 200 people concurrently, thus it is aimed at the public transport routes with the average passenger capacity. Its interior is entirely made of aluminum alloys designed and produced by Krasnoyarsk Machine-building Components in collaboration with Public Company RUSAL Plc and Krasnoyarsk Metallurgical Plant (KraMZ).

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